We are extremely grateful to everyone for their continuous support to our projects and U4U Volunteers!

Your donation can support one of our special projects

Welcome Packs for arriving refugees

Many refugees come without luggage, essentials and pocket change. It takes a long time before they receive minimal social aid. Each welcome pack includes snacks, water, hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap) and a small amount of cash. The project is based on the UNHCR Cash-based Interventions model.

Access to education

There is high demand for gadgets (e.g. laptops) and connection (e.g. internet), coming from parents of kids who are in school in Switzerland and want to continue their education remotely in Ukraine. We collect and purchase used laptops, communication packages & deliver them to refugees.

CareVan Mobile Aid Center

Access to aid and information, has been a major challenge in this crisis. We propose to address it with our CareVan Mobile Aid Center, i.e. a minivan that will collect essential goods at the various refugee centers, deliver aid & information to the door of refugees that have no means to access it for health and other reasons, as well as distribute information and goods, at the various pre-organized stops.

Support to Refugees in Emergencies

We find urgent/temporary accommodation, ensure immediate access to aid, help people in distress, provide information, transport and psychological support.

Childcare support

We support children, including those with disabilities and special needs. We work closely with Swiss authorities on evacuating orphans from Ukraine and integrating them into Switzerland. We collect and purchase health products, engage mental health professionals, support families, accompany parents to medical facilities, etc.

Guardian Volunteers

We engage multilingual specialists to accompany refugees and their hosts from arrival until integration. Guardians ensure a linguistic and cultural link within the Ukrainian-Swiss family, and remain the focal point for all questions and demands.

24/7 Translation & Information Hotline

We are developing a 24/7 multilingual hotline for refugees, hosts, volunteers and the general public. The call center and multilingual operators will be based in Ukraine. The operators will provide information & translation. Mental health professionals and educators will also be on call.